May 2008
1,001 Ways to Improve Your Business #993:


Show me the money
Money, bread, coin, mighty dollar, piece of the pie… I know this sounds funny, but many people are puzzled as to the process of making money. Being profitable is the #1 goal of business. And by the way, if you don’t make money then you really don’t have a business. Over the years I’ve heard thousands of great ideas for new businesses – and a few that weren’t so great – and at least half of the folks that I spoke with didn’t figure out a way to achieve income. Many had a great idea that they thought would make them rich beyond their wildest dreams. But no way to get there. I once got a call from a person who had “the greatest idea in the world” that would make him millions but he didn’t want to tell anyone for fear that they would steal his idea and make the aforementioned millions before he did. I assured him that he had little to worry about but he wouldn’t tell me either. The secret to making money is to ask for it. Or more specifically, to ask for the order. It seems simple but it’s hard to do. Start with identifying a target audience, fulfilling a need with your product or service and asking for the order. Give it a shot, it works.

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