D o you have a website application that you don’t need anymore? How about a fantastic association, education, membership-based or subscription-based website? Or you might have developed something else really cool.

If it solves fundamental business problems for our core industries, we want to hear about it. Marcy Design has been in business for over 25 years and we have always been on the forefront of business solutions.

We are looking to purchase websites and apps from developers and programmers. Our business is growing and we need primarily business-to-business web-based applications. The work we are looking for needs to have a proven track record and profitability. And it should be something new and awesome!

If you have an existing website or online application that meets our criteria and is related to the Association, Manufacturing, Business-to-Business or Education industries, please send us the specifications. Call us at 614-224-6226 or send us an email at


– iPhone and iPad apps
– Website applications
– Association websites
– Education websites
– Membership-based websites

– Subscription-based websites



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