M arcy Design offers your business an unparalleled technology partner. Communicating effectively with you customers or members is important to your organization’s success. Adding applications can help your Web site be an effective marketing and communication tool.

Marcy Design is ready to help. Through integrated design and development, we can provide your organization with all of the Web services necessary to produce powerful applications.

A Content Management System (CMS) is like a Maestro leading an orchestra. CMS enables you to update your website 24/7 with no additional software or programming knowledge. And CMS is a powerful application that allows you to take control of your website’s back-office applications.

Power-up your website by adding database capabilities. Your website can do more than display pictures and text. You can communicate with prospects and customers, ask for orders and measure the results of your efforts. Marcy Design offers complete development of database systems. Please review our technical experience below.


– Content management system
– Event management
– eCommerce
– Calendar/scheduler
– Member management
– Registration and log-in
– Real estate listing
– Vehicle listing
– Digital publications
– iPhone and iPad apps



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